The Ultimate Sandwich For National Picnic Week

The Ultimate Sandwich For National Picnic Week
12 June 2023 Hampshire Cheese Co

For this year’s National Picnic Week, 17th-25th June, we bring you our favourite sandwich. The simple meal that, when done right, is glorious.

When it comes to sandwiches there is no special formula to adhere to, filling two slices of bread seems to be the only rule. What the filling consists of can be as simple as the French classic jambon-beurre, or as intricate as the English afternoon tea finger sandwiches. Whether you are keeping it simple or going all out, your sandwich can be elevated by bearing one simple thing in mind, the quality of your ingredients. There is no way that the jambon-beurre would be so renowned if it wasn’t for the fresh bread, delicious butter, and good quality Parisian ham.

Whether you opt for a baguette, focaccia or sourdough, ensure that it is fresh. There are plenty of brilliant bakeries up and down the country baking delicious bread that you can pick up fresh on the day, these will make the best sandwiches.

Once you have selected your bread you can start to think about the filling. We think cheese, particularly Tunworth or Winslade is perfect, perhaps we’re a little bit biased! In our ultimate National Picnic Week sandwich, we have teamed Tunworth up with roasted red peppers, The Tomato Stall’s confit tomatoes, and our wild garlic pesto. However, the possibilities are endless, we’d love to hear what goes into your perfect sandwich!