2 Stars for Tunworth and Winslade, Great Taste Awards 2023

2 Stars for Tunworth and Winslade, Great Taste Awards 2023
5 August 2023 Hampshire Cheese Co

We’re delighted to have been awarded 2 stars from The Great Taste Awards 2023 for both our cheeses, Tunworth and Winslade. 

Great Taste is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme and the prestigious awards recognizes and celebrates the best-tasting food and drink products. Organised by The Guild of Fine Food, Great Taste has been running for several decades and their awards are highly sought after by producers and manufacturers across the country.

As an artisan cheese producer, we strive everyday to create exceptional cheeses using traditional methods and high-quality, locally sourced milk. Having our commitment to excellence rewarded by The Guild of Fine Food through the Great Taste Awards fills the whole team with enormous pride. 

Our success in the Great Taste Awards not only brings us enormous pleasure but also shines a spotlight on the wealth of expert artisan cheesemakers in the UK.

Thank you to The Guild of Fine Foods and the judges for Great Taste Awards 2023.

Tunworth – 2 Star (Outstanding) Great Taste Award judges notes:

There are clean earthy notes on the rind and the paste appears perfectly matured – soft and creamy. This is a delight in the mouth, salty, lactic notes are well-matched by a rich creaminess, balanced with a slight lactic acidity, and coupled with some honest farmyard notes on the long finish.

This is an attractive and enticing cheese, with even moulding on the rind and that classic vegetal note on the nose and flavour. It is beautifully creamy with even ripeness throughout. There is a very clean feel on the palate. It is super creamy with a strong dairy taste, and a slight citrusy, grassy and hay flavour.

This has quite a firm texture, a distinctive aroma and a pleasing creamy paste. It is a beautiful cheese – ripe, creamy, full of lactic richness, earthy in a good way. There is so much depth here, with a great balance of creamy, umami and savoury. It is very moreish.”

Winslade – 2 Star (Outstanding) Great Taste Award judges notes: 

“A smaller version of a Vacherin style, this is presented at a stage of perfect ripeness and is a thing of great beauty. Rich, unctuous with creamy depth and on the finish the sweet lactic notes are interrupted by a mild resinous bitterness from the spruce bark and earthy, farmyard notes. The finish is long, teasing us into cutting another slice. Pure delight.

This is a very attractive and beautifully presented cheese – we were delighted by the unctuous paste and the even bloom on the rind. This cheese is a point and coats the taste buds with an oozing glory of great finesse – a little more depth and length in flavour would elevate it even further.

A beautifully presented cheese with its highly individual and characterful finish. Rich, creamy and indulgent textures are smooth and velvety on the palate, delivering fresh dairy flavours. Cream flavours are fresh, rich and grassy with hints of mushroom savouriness. A light acidic intrusion adds contrast and balance, however it sits on the edge and just falls short of a smooth finish.

Rustic with an artisan feel. A slight earthiness to the cheese from the bark. The mould is very tender. Consistent ripeness throughout. A delightful butteriness delivers a savoury vegetal tone. Very moreish and delicate.”


Hampshire Cheese Co