How to

keep and serve your cheeses

Good cheese is sensitive!

To enjoy it at its most perfect it must be cared for properly. Both Tunworth and Winslade should be left in their original packaging until ready to eat.

Keep them in the warmest part of your fridge until approximately one hour before serving.

You can tell your Tunworth is ripe when the centre of the cheese gives under gentle pressure from your thumb – it just needs unwrapping and placing on a board before cutting and enjoying.

Winslade is ripe when soft and yielding. Then it should be spooned out of its spruce collar before eating.

Any uneaten Hampshire Cheese Co. cheeses should be wrapped in wax paper (not clingfilm) and placed in a sealed plastic box before being returned to the fridge.

And remember that your Hampshire Cheese Co. cheeses won’t last forever. Eat them quickly while they are still delicious.