The Milk

We source our milk from a local single herd based at Rotherfield Park, East Tisted only a few miles from our creamery. Rotherfield Park is a progressive Estate. They are on a mission to continuously improve the soil from their regenerative farming system and they have been at the forefront of wildlife conservation for many years.

The herd at Rotherfield Park is a mix of Montbeliarde, Swedish Red and Holstein-Freisian cows. They graze the rich and diverse pastures of this beautiful part of Hampshire producing exceptional milk for our cheese.

The milk is collected from the farm every morning just after milking and brought back to our creamery to start the cheesemaking process. This is a slow and gentle process using traditional methods similiar to those used in Normandy, France.

The cheeses are ripened slowly over a 7- 8 week period to encourage the moulds and yeasts on the surface. This results in delicious cheeses with complex, long-lasting flavours.