How Hampshire Cheese Company Champions Sustainability

How Hampshire Cheese Company Champions Sustainability
11 October 2022 Hampshire Cheese Co

Hampshire Cheese Company is committed to operating sustainably. Protecting our environment is an integral part of our ethos. Our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment from our operations. 

  • Local milk

We source our milk from a local single herd based at Rotherfield Park, East Tisted only a few miles from our creamery. Rotherfield Park is a progressive Estate. They are on a mission to continuously improve the soil from their regenerative farming system and they have been at the forefront of wildlife conservation for many years.

The herd at Rotherfield Park is a mix of Montbeliarde, Swedish Red and Holstein-Freisian cows. They graze the rich and diverse pastures of this beautiful part of Hampshire producing exceptional milk for our cheese.

The milk is collected from the farm every morning just after milking and brought back to our creamery to start the cheesemaking process. This is a slow and gentle process using traditional methods similar to those used in Normandy, France.

  • Local employment 

We are blessed with a wonderful small close knit team. Where possible, we offer flexible hours and believe in providing training as needed. We are always happy to meet enthusiastic, reliable and hardworking people to explore any opportunities that might be suitable. We aim to employ our staff from within the area, minimising travel to work. 

  • Encouraging sustainable shopping

We are passionate about supporting local artisan cheesemongers. Buying cheese with the expert guidance of a specialist cheesemonger, our customers are not only able to buy the perfect cheese for the occasion, but at the desired ripeness, and to really learn the progeny of that cheese. 

  • Too Good to Go 

To limit waste, we have joined the Too Good To Go scheme, where customers can buy and collect our underweight or short shelf life cheeses, using the Too Good to Go App.

  • Education

Wherever possible we get involved in educating cheese lovers about the art of artisan cheese making. Through talks, events and marketing information through our social media channels and website.

  • Community support

We support local community initiatives as often as we can – whether through donation of prizes or participation in events for local organisations. 

As we grow and evolve our business, our operations and business practices will be grounded in sustainable principles. 

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