Recipes for Christmas Leftovers!

Recipes for Christmas Leftovers!
24 November 2023 Hampshire Cheese Co

Christmas is over but the aftermath of Christmas feasting is still very much with us. Most of us are feeling full to the brim, having overindulged – and rightly so! But many of us are trying to come up with ways to finish off that leftover turkey, ham or even cheese from the festive cheeseboard.

Risottos are always a great way to make use of leftover cheese, you can use any cheeses that you have, just don’t tell the Italians! Traditionally made with just parmesan to finish at the end the humble risotto is the perfect dish for using up vegetables or meat that you have in the fridge and its base is made up of ingredients you probably already have. Here is our recipe from last year for ‘Mushroom and Tunworth Risotto’ which you can use as a base to create your dish, based on what you have that needs using up.

If you still have some Christmas ham in the back of the fridge, why not elevate the simple Quiche Lorriane by throwing in your ham as well as some leftover Tunworth or Winslade. If you’re feeling lazy, shop-bought pastry will do and all you need to do is blind bake the tart base and fill it. We would use 2 onions, sweated slowly in butter, a handful of chopped cooked ham and roughly 100g of cheese topped with a mixture of 1 egg, 1 yolk, 100ml cream and 75ml milk. Bake this on a low temperature for around an hour, until set and slightly golden on top.

You could make a macaroni cheese with any cheeses you have leftover or a combination of a few. Just swap the cheese in your usual recipe out for any that you have that needs using up. Throw in your leftover turkey, ham or shredded Brussel Sprouts as well for a super quick and easy lunch or supper. 

Finally, the classic festive sandwich. Just as delicious served cold as it is toasted, try our recipe for ‘Tunworth, crispy pancetta and beetroot chutney toastie’. The salty bacon compliments the creamy melted cheese perfectly with the sweet and tart beetroot chutney to cut through it all. A pure delight and one that we don’t think should just be saved for the festive season!

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