Tunworth, Pancetta and Beetroot Chutney Toastie

Tunworth, Pancetta and Beetroot Chutney Toastie
26 October 2023 Hampshire Cheese Co

Today is National Cheese Toastie Day and what better way to celebrate than with a toastie using Tunworth, which is perfect for melting and makes an incredible toasted sandwich!

We’ve used crispy pancetta and beetroot chutney in ours but you can use any chutney that you have, or even chilli jam or cranberry sauce. We used pancetta instead of streaky bacon as it tends to be sliced slightly thinner and crisps up perfectly in the pan.


Sourdough bread, sliced thickly


Sliced pancetta

Chutney of choice, we used beetroot


Start by crisping up your pancetta in a frying pan. You can use streaky bacon if you prefer or have some already in the fridge but we think the pancetta works well as it is slightly thinner than bacon.

Thinly slice your Tunworth and start filling your sandwich. You don’t need to butter the inside of the bread as you usually would. Add the chutney and the crispy pancetta.

Wipe out the frying pan you used to cook the pancetta in with a kitchen towel and turn the pan onto a medium heat.

Once your sandwich is assembled, butter the outsides of the bread. Pop into a frying pan and toast until golden brown on one side, flip your sandwich and toast the other side. You want to ensure you don’t cook your sandwich on a heat too high as you will end up colouring the bread before the cheese is melted.

Remove from the pan, cut in two and serve immediately.

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