Tunworth and Winslade Join Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

Tunworth and Winslade Join Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses
6 March 2024 Hampshire Cheese Co

Fourth-generation family cheesemakers, Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses in rural Lancashire, has acquired Hampshire Cheese Company, home of much-loved soft cheeses Tunworth and Winslade. The Lancashire cheesemaker will be the largest independent soft cheesemaker in the UK with acquisition of Hampshire Cheese Company.

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses has invested significantly in its soft cheese capacity in the last two years, with own-label and branded soft cheeses like Button Mill and Kidderton Ash driving Butlers’ mission to be a powerhouse in British farmhouse soft cheese. Butlers is now the largest independent soft cheesemaker in the UK.

Hampshire Cheese Company, a multi award-winning artisan cheesemaker, was founded in 2005 by Stacey Hedges, with Charlotte Spruce (head cheesemaker and head of operations) alongside ever since. Together with their incredibly dedicated team, Charlotte and Stacey have amassed a legion of fans for Tunworth and Winslade; two expertly handcrafted, continental-style soft cheeses that are revered among some of the UK’s leading chefs, Michelin starred restaurants and premium independent retailers.

Matthew Hall, fourth-generation owner at Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses says,

“The quality and reputation that Stacey and her team have established for Tunworth and Winslade is something we will be proud to nurture with their loyal customers. Over the years, Stacey has shared our mission to drive the British cheese renaissance in the UK and we are privileged to bring Tunworth and Winslade into our family, continue on that journey and get more of the amazing cheeses being made in Britain, to more people.”

Stacey says,

“This is an exciting next step in the journey of Tunworth and Winslade. As part of the Butlers Farmhouse Cheese family, I am confident that our cheeses will be able to reach even more people. I am so proud of what we have achieved as a team in the last 20 years.”

Butlers’ ownership of Hampshire Cheese Company is effective immediately.

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