Our Guide to Wine Pairings For Your Christmas Cheeses

Our Guide to Wine Pairings For Your Christmas Cheeses
24 November 2023 Hampshire Cheese Co

This year we have teamed up with Caviste to bring you some cheese and wine pairings for the festive season. The experts at Caviste have suggested a red and a white for each of our cheeses, Tunworth and Winslade, as well as a sparkling wine that will complement them both perfectly. Read on to find out their tasting notes and what you can expect from these stunning wines. They are all available to purchase now, still in plenty of time before Christmas, from their shops in Overton and at Newlyns Farm Shop.


Sylvain Dussort Bourgogne Blanc “Cuvee des Ormes” 2020, Burgundy, France – £35

Sylvain cultivates three hectares of Bourgogne Blanc in the municipality of Meursault. Divided into around 20 plots, the age of the vines varies from 15 to over 60 years old. The Cuvee des Ormes is harvested from vines between 35 to over 60 years old. Delicate, rich and elegant – with a slight nutty character. The gentle acidity mingles beautifully with Tunworth’s delectable creaminess, leading you to an opulent and indulgent finale.

Quinta de Sant’Ana Pinot Noir, Lisbon, Portugal – £34

Harvested from the esteemed vineyards of Quinta de Sant’Ana, this Pinot Noir reflects the unique character of the Lisbon wine region. The maritime influence and diverse soils impart a distinct personality to the grapes, creating a wine that beautifully balances power and finesse. Delicate aromas of wild strawberries, red forest fruits, cherry and toffee, with subtle notes of wet earth, forest floor and spices lingering in the background. Excellent texture, well balanced with freshness, good ripeness with fine, well integrated tannins. Refreshing, elegant and perfumed finish.


Pre Semele Sancerre Blanc “Les Cotelins” 2021, Loire, France – £32

Since inheriting Domaine du Pré Semelé from his father Rémy, Clément Raimbault, in partnership with his brother Julien, has transformed it into a rising star of Sancerre. Fastidious, verging on obsessive, he is driven to make the very best Sancerre possible from his family’s 20ha estate. The vineyards lie on clay-limestone (mostly Kimmeridgian marls with some Portlandian limestone) near Maimbray, to the north of the village of Sancerre, and are carefully managed following the principles of reasoned agriculture. Although not the largest or most famous Sancerre producer, and possibly because of this, Clément’s passion is supported by intricate winemaking skills resulting in wines that faithfully communicate their beautiful terroir.’Le Cotelin’ is from an old vine plot grown solely on Portlandian limestone soils, on a south-facing slope. After harvesting, the Sauvignon Blanc grapes are vinified, and the resulting wine aged in wooden barrels for over one year before bottling. Its luxurious velvety texture and crescendo of spice waltzes tenderly with the distinctive perfume of spruce from the Winslade.

Domaine des Carlines “En Lya” 2016, Cotes du Jura, France – £25

Crisp green apple acidity plays around with a mild nutty mouthfeel which all ends up with a pleasing sourdough finish with a dash of brioche. The Chardonnay spends 12 to 15 months in old French oak, giving the most sublte texture and allowing every so slight Jura-esque oxidative notes sneak in through the back door. This wine has the perfect attributes to cut through the rich unique notes of pine emitted by the Winslade whilst enhancing its floral earthiness. The Jura is an ancient wine region of France, which is currently (quite rightly) enjoying its moment “in vogue”. To us it stands to reason that if the glorious Comte cheeses from Jura’s lush green pastures pair off so wonderfully with the local Jura wine, why not pair with a local Hampshire alternative.

Tunworth and Winslade

Povero Gran Rue Sparkling – £25

Bright and fresh Italian fizz made using the traditional, Champagne method. Bread crust, yeast, dried flowers, citrus and dry pastry. Very versatile for food pairing, it is excellent also as an aperitif.

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