A Happy Year at Hampshire Cheese!

A Happy Year at Hampshire Cheese!
20 November 2023 Hampshire Cheese Co

Another ‘Christmas Make’ complete, the Hampshire Cheese team is heading home for a well deserved break. The passion and commitment of my team is extraordinary – and I am reminded once again how lucky I am. It’s hard to describe the buzz during the build up to Christmas – it’s all hands on deck to wrap and pack thousands of Christmas orders, a super slick process honed by a wonderful team led by the talented Charlotte Spruce. This picture will be repeated across the country – our small artisan creamery nestled in the foothills of the South Downs just one of many hundreds of fabulous British artisan cheese producers.

The artisan cheese making process is filled with real craftsmen – experts in their trade. Every stage of this is done by hand and with extraordinary care. At Hampshire Cheese Company, the milk that comes into the creamery every morning is tested and the formula adjusted to ensure that the quality of both Tunworth and Winslade remains high.

Our customers – whether Michelin starred restaurants, award winning chefs or cheese lovers buying from specialist cheese counters – have come to expect the exceptional every time.

We strive every day to create exceptional cheeses and we are delighted that Winslade and Tunworth have been recognised once again on the global cheese stage, with gold and silver medals from the World, British, Artisan and Virtual Cheese Awards. These industry accolades are considerable given the burgeoning artisan cheese market. It is a delight to see our customers increasingly recognising and demanding the quality that can be delivered by artisan cheese, and I am personally thrilled to see British and Irish cheeses take centre stage.

We look forward to 2024 and wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

Hampshire Cheese Co