Bonfire Baked Tunworth

Bonfire Baked Tunworth
3 November 2022 Hampshire Cheese Co

This recipe is perfect for bonfire night and a great alternative to the classic fireside hotdogs. All you need is a Tunworth, your choice of herbs and garlic (optional) and some crusty bread to dunk into it. You can even serve it topped with boozy sultanas like we have.

Herbs and garlic (optional)
30g sultanas (optional)
100ml sweet wine or sherry
Warm crusty bread for dunking

TIP: If you are flavouring your cheese with herbs and garlic then do this before you pop the lid back on. Use your choice of alcohol for the sultanas, we like sweet wine or sherry but brandy would work too.

  1. If you’re serving with sultanas, pop them into a bowl with the alcohol and heat in the microwave for 1 minute, leave them to steep while you cook your Tunworth.
  2. Remove your Tunworth from the box, discard the wax paper and pop it back inside the box.
  3. Wrap your Tunworth box tightly in a few layers of foil to ensure the wooden box won’t set alight.
  4. Pop the cheese onto the edge of the fire and let it cook for 15 minutes.
  5. After 15 minutes, carefully peel back the foil and check your Tunworth to make sure it is cooked. It should be warm and gooey all the way through, perfect for dunking bread into.
  6. Pop your sultanas onto the top if using.

Tear a piece of warm, crusty bread and tuck in.

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