Join Cheese Industry Experts for Food Diversity Day 13 January 2023

Join Cheese Industry Experts for Food Diversity Day 13 January 2023
11 January 2023 Hampshire Cheese Co

It’s January – and we are bombarded with messages encouraging us to eat a diverse range of foods to help deliver all the necessary vitamins and minerals we need to sustain a healthy diet.

But, it’s not just our bodies that need this variety. Food diversity matters not just for our own health but that of our planet, our community and identity. We often default to ‘safe’ purchases of known foods that are often mass produced, funnelling our taste buds into a limited scope of flavours and textures. Whether for your health, to support your local producer, or give back to our planet, use Food Diversity Day as an excuse to try something new!

If you want to learn more about Food Diversity, some of the UK’s leading scientists, writers, chefs, farmers, campaigners and entrepreneurs will be hosting a series of FREE workshops throughout the day on Friday 13th January from 9am to 730pm.

British Cheese is a key focus during the day – with its own dedicated workshop presented by Andy Swinscoe from The Courtyard Dairy, cheese writer Patrick McGuigan and artisan cheese makers Graham Kirkham (Kirkham’s Lancashire), Jo Clarke (Sparkenhoe, Red Leicester) and Sally Hattan (Stonebeck, Wensleydale).

The talk will explore why territorial cheeses matter, the differences between farm and factory cheese and the importance of traditional cheesemaking.

For more information about the talk and to book tickets follow the link here.

A cheese tasting pack to accompany the talk is available to purchase via The Courtyard Dairy online shop

For other talks and food experiences on Food Diversity Day visit the website here.

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