Meet Krisztian, Supervising Award Winning Cheese Production

Meet Krisztian, Supervising Award Winning Cheese Production
4 August 2022 Hampshire Cheese Co

Meet the Team 

Hampshire Cheese Company has grown from strength to strength. Stacey Hedges, Founder, credits its success to her expert team. Over the coming weeks we’re introducing the team that are so integral to these award winning cheeses. 

Today we meet Krisztian. 

Q. Where did your passion for cheese stem from? 

My name is Krisztian, I grew up in the countryside in a small town in Hungary. My experience in the food industry started through working in the meat industry – I am a qualified butcher. I came to London with my wife fourteen years ago to learn the English language. I worked in catering as a barman in a Brasserie and later on as a stock keeper for the menswear department in John Lewis Oxford Street. When our son started nursery school we thought we needed more space and a more family-friendly lifestyle in the countryside so we moved to Hampshire six years ago. I feel really lucky I found Stacey’s creamery before we left busy London with our 5 year old son and our 2 year old daughter. 

Q. When did you start working with cheese?

When I started to work for Hampshire Cheese Company, our head Cheesemaker Charlotte Spruce taught me how to make cheese, pasteurise milk, process orders and work with people. I learned many new skills including cheese production and care. 

Q. What’s your role at Hampshire Cheese Company? 

I feel very lucky to work alongside Charlotte as Supervisor and Cheesemaker. I believe we are a really small but strong team with a really strong work ethic, supported by Charlotte and Stacey. 

Q. What have you and your team achieved so far?  

Stacey and Charlotte are really passionate about making cheese. They work really hard to make sure we all have exactly what’s needed – the right amount of milk, ingredients for pasteurising the milk, overseeing the production, managing the paperwork and then marketing and fulfilling the orders. 

We are all good team players – it’s like clockwork! In the future I see myself making different types of soft and hard cheese in a friendly team with our expert cheesemakers.

Q. Tell us a little about working with Stacey! 

Whenever we need help we call Stacey in her office to help us wrap or make cheese, or even clean if needed! She’s always happy to come and help, always with a smile. She loves any chance to get stuck in, to come and help us out. We can talk to her about anything. She’s close to all the team and if somebody needs help, her office door is always open.

Q. Tell us about the team and the atmosphere.

Our team works hard to deliver the best we can every day.  We are a small team and we know each other very well. Everyone has really good skills to make the best possible cheese. The team is really dynamic, from many different countries and some from different industries – all with catering experience – we have a catering manager, a qualified cheese maker and pastry chef. The management team being so organised creates a really productive and good atmosphere in the creamery. Each member of staff understands how important our company’s hygiene policy is, how to care for cheese, and how important the reputation of Hampshire Cheese Company is.

Q. What words would you use to describe yourself?

I am a hard worker, a good team player and reliable person

Q. What words would others use to describe you?

Our team would describe me as a creative, energetic and organised person.

Q. How would you like to be perceived by others?

Energetic and focused – whether I am making cheese or just cleaning or whatever I am doing.

I like to think I can work with my colleagues easily. I always feel they know what my next step is going to be without questioning me. I instinctively know and feel what the others want to do next too.

Q. What are you passionate about?

I have always liked to work. I have learned how to work hard and create efficient, logical ways to complete my job and tasks. I am passionate about every aspect of my job. Making the best cheese involves a lot of passion.

Q. What talents and skills do you have?

I learn things easily and try to understand the way things work. I am a DIY person at home. I have learned many different things in my life from my mistakes. I like to think I am a good supervisor of my small team.

Q. What do you personally bring to HCC?

I work hard to give my best knowledge and skills every day to Hampshire Cheese Company.

Q. What life lessons/life experiences would you share that can let people know more about you?

I came to the UK with my wife a long time ago, I learned how people accepted us and I will never forget that. I always keep in mind how to deal with situations, work and respect each other in this or other countries.

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